Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here are some before, during and afters of our bathrooms!! When we moved in the bathrooms had carpet in them- stupid! My mom and dad came down for the weekend to help us put tile in!! I am so greatful for the cooked meals, clean house, knowledge and direction on the how-to, we had tons of fun and our bathrooms now look A to the MAZING!! Thank you so much!! We couldn't have done it without you guys!! We love you so much!! And thank you again!!


guest bathroom

master bathroom


Mike and I in the guest bathroom. Mike did an amazing job!! Good job babe!!

Dad working in the master bathroom.


guest bathroom. We did 8x8 tiles and can I just say WOW!! It think it looks great!!

Guest bathroom. We (meaning dad) had to take the toilet out and take the baseboards off and then put them all back!! That was a job!! But it looks so amazing!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

master bathroom. Here we used 16x16 tiles and I love it! I love how it turned out!! The grout is still a little wet so it won't be quite so dark but I still LOVE it!! I love it on the angle to!! Thanks dad! I know it was a pain but I love it!! GREAT JOB!!

and another picture of the master bathroom!! I go upstairs just to stand in both bathrooms now and stare!! I LOVE them!! They look fabulous!! Way to go us!!!

for jeff

Jeff is my amazing bro that does amazing things!! Like hiking all the amazingly tallest mountains throughout the world!! His latest he trained for months and is super skinny!! He hiked the Tetons in Idaho this last weekend!! He is either amazing or crazy!! Either way I think he's pretty cool and I love him!! My dad and Liam went to Yellowstone to meet up with Jeff when he got down from the mountain!! Here, check out his picts!!!

Jeff, Liam and Dad.

Jeff climbing up!! He is in China already again and hasn't even seen these picts yet so I don't know the datails about them yet.

WOW!! What a view huh?!!

Fiesta Days!!

That's right!! Here in good ole' SF they celebrate Fiesta Days with a weeks worth of rodeo, booths, carnival and end it with fire works for the 24th of July!! (that's pioneer day for those of you who don't live in Utah!!) Mike and I started the fun filled week with seeing the new Batman movie!! We liked it!! We thought Joker was awesome!! Then on Tuesday we went to the rodeo!!! You heard it right!! I took my city boy to the rodeo!! He let me wear my cowgirl boots even!! He LOVED the rodeo!! Next time you see him and want to see him get really excited ask him about going to the rodeo!!:) We had a good time!! We went to the carnival and ate a Navajo taco and watched some neighbor boys go on rides!! They think the world of Mike!! My parents came down from Logan to help with our tile. We watched the fire works with my parents in our backyard!! They were pretty dang good!! Especially the finale!! Then we went to the opening night of Step Brothers at midnight!! Then we did more tile and more tile!! It was an eventful week!!!

Mike and his friend Miley!! She has on a George Straight shirt, her pink hat and matching pink boots and a cute belt buckle!!!! She was pretty excited about the rodeo!!! The mut'n'bust was fun to watch too!! The little kids hang on to the neck of a lamb for dear life while they run around!! Miley will do it when she is 6!!

Mike at the rodeo!! He's a babe!!

I don't know what this is called but the cowboy goes after a cow, ropes it, jumps off his horse goes and ties the cows legs together then gets back on his horse and they give the cow 6 seconds to get loose, if they get loose then they are disqualified!! It was amazing how fast this all happened and how smart the horses were!!

If you look close there is a motorcycle jumping over the length of the trailer and truck!! It was so neat to watch!!

This is the bull ride!!! They are some mean bulls too!!! Those cowboys are CRAZY!!!

Fireworks!! Another thing about the rodeo is how they are truly and so deeply grateful to live in this free country and for all those who have made it free. I get chills and tears in my eyes when I see fireworks and hear the music!! I too am grateful to have the freedoms we have and Love living here!! I am grateful for the armed forces and for all they give for our country!!

Family Reunion

The whole family (but one aunt, uncle, and cousin, and Nate) made it to the reunion this year!! No one on missions or anything!! It was so much fun!! We all stayed at the same hotel and swam in the pool, floated the Boise river, played whiffle ball, ate good food, and the best thing about it was the company!! We had fun playing with ALL our nephews, cutting hair in the hotel bathroom:), quilling till the wee hours of the night (thanks for my new tool Aunt Tami), listening to Gramps years of stardum with high school sports!! and everything else!!! I didn't have my camera out as much as I would have liked to. But here are a few of the day we floated the freezing river. If you want a look at more go to Melissa's blog

While we were waiting to go float the river we saw this lady sit down and this squirrel was trying to get into her bag, that or take it away completely!! It was funny to watch!!!

Mike and I before floating the river!! Mike was thrilled!!

Tyler playing on the springy ducky and...

Mike playing of the springy ducky!!

My dad after floating. He didn't want me to see his face! We all had to sit out in the blazing sun until we warmed up and we could feel all appendages again!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flowers and Motorcycles

I first want to tell Calvin and Whitney thank you SO much for the darling plant (that's easy to take care of:)!! yay!!) and the way cute chalkboard pot!! It is so dang cute and I love it!! When I got it, it was just this pretty exotic looking plant!! Then one day I woke up and went downstairs and wow!! It had a flower sticking out the side of it!! It has lots of buds now waiting to burst open!! I'll post more picts once they are all bloomed!! But isn't that so neat ans so pretty!!! It does almost seem out of place but it's so cool!! I love it!! And the pot is a huge hit with all the kids!!! Thanks so much again guys!!! It's so fun to watch what's new with it!!

Almost all the family is in town now!! Ali is here from Philly and Jeff, Kathleen, Liam, and Collin are all back in utah for a bit!! They all came down with my mom and dad to see our house and had a very nice visit!!! The kids were getting so bored and we have no toys so Mike started taking them on bike rides!!! Liam thought it was so cool and he "loves to go very very very very very fast!!!!" Ali had a good time on it too but did burn her leg on the exhaust pipe- ouch!! We hope her mom doesn't find out about the danger we are putting her in!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Garden and Lavendar Days

This is our first tomato from our garden!!! It was a little deformed but tasted so so good!!! It was fun to go out to the garden and just pick it!! I can't wait until I have more!!!!
This is our garden!! We have about 10 tomato plants, a billion cucumber and a billion yellow squash plants, about 8 watermelon plants and some strawberries!! It's so neat to watch them grow!! I didn't think it would really grow!! It is so exciting!!!
We went on a field trip to Young Living Farms with the school to learn about essential oils!! We had a neat tour and rode on a carriage thing pulled by two HUGE horses that were beautiful!! It was really neat!! They also have a few different animals!! This one is called a zonkey!! It's a zebra and donkey mixed so it is brown and white instead of black and white!! Pretty cool!! They had camels, pigme goats, bison, and some other neat animals!!

Brad and Staci

Brad and Staci got sealed in the Provo Temple!!! It was a gorgeous day and everything was perfect!! We are so happy for them!!!! There is nothing better than a family member getting sealed for time and eternity!! It was so neat!!

I love the Provo Temple!! It has such a gorgeous view too!!! I love my sweetheart so much!!


I am so far behind!! Mike's birthday was the 25th and mine was the 28th!! We had a fun but busy week!! It was the same week as our anniversary and the bbq!! For Mike's birthday I went to his work with a HUGE bouquet of balloons and a bag of goodies and a cool cake!! I forgot to take picts but it was so neat!! When he got home we went to the batting cages and then had his favorite dinner (tuna tetrazzini- yuck!!) It was fun!! For my birthday Mike got me the pair of chacos I've wanted for months!! I LOVE them!! He took care of a lot of things for the bbq so I wouldn't worry when I got off work!! He is so amazing!! I love him so much!!
This is Mike and I at the bbq (p.s. thanks everyone for coming!! It was fun and so good to see you all!!!) My mom was so sweet and brought a birthday cake for us!! Still can't turn picts!

4th of July Weekend

Mike and I went to Logan for the 4th of July weekend!! We had lots of fun with everyone there! Kathleen, Liam, Collin, Melissa, Nate, Tyler, Dylan, Mom, Dad, Ali, and us were all there!! The cruise in was going on then too so we all rode bikes down and dad acted like he was back in his college days!!! It was fun! Dad and I ended up going back that night to hear Stix play!! It was awesome!! Dad had a blast!!!
When we first got there dad was making this shed/tree fort!! Liam called papa from China and asked if they could build one when he came!! So we started to work on it!! I helped with a couple of the walls!! The boys are so excited for it to be done!!!
We lit fireworks- well Mike did!!! He's my little pyro!! These are my two cute nephews, Tyler and Liam, plugging their ears!! It didn't seem to matter if the firework made any noise or not their ears were always plugged!! I love them too much!!!
Mike was in charge of all the big fireworks!! I was in charge of all the sparklers!! There were way too many fireworks for 4 teeny tiny boys!!! But not enough for my boy!!!:)
Here is proof that there were too many fireworks- if there's such a thing!!! All the boys and parents were more than ready for bed by the end!!!
The next day mom, Ali, and I all went swimming while the boys went to the car show!! I forgot my camera though!! It was a fun trip!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Give it up!!!

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