Friday, December 26, 2008

IT'S A....

Just kidding. We don't know yet! We were supposed to find out Christmas Eve and then I had this cleaver way to tell our families but on Wednesday I called the Dr cause I as nervous about some tests they were going to do and then they said, by the way, the lady who does the sonogram isn't coming in tomorrow so we won't be able to see what you are having. That sucks. But it was Christmas Eve and I don't blame her for not wanting to work. And we will find out Jan. 15th at 10am!! We will let you know then!!! Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The latest news

I have been terrible at updating. But, what's new! Things have been very busy as with everyone else!! I am off work for 2 weeks now and don't know what to do with my time!! Before we left for break some of my students who go at night collected $3,000 for another students son to get a bike. He was born with spinobifida and has no use of his legs but wanted a bike so so bad for Christmas. It was an amazing night when we gave him his bike. He is such a cute and polite little boy!! What a great reminder to me what Christmas is all about!! I am so proud of the girls and their hard work. Click here to see the article and some pictures that were in he Daily Herald

It was my moms birthday-42 right?!! and Melissa and I threw her a surprise birthday party! It was a Fancy Nancy party!! We all wore tiaras and boas and had fancy food and tea! It was such a blast!! Thanks for everyone who was there and helped out!! I will have to get pictures up once I get them!! It really was super fun!!

We have been getting so much snow!! First I thought I was going to have a sleepover in Logan and then last night I couldn't even leave my inlaws drive way!! It is so great to have snow! As long as I don't have to go out in it!!! But I love how beautiful everything looks after the snow has fallen! I think Mike is in heaven!!

And last but not least, the baby! Things are going great!! I am no longer sick-hurray!! I am feeling so good and the baby is growing (or at least I am!!) I have a hard little bump that is getting more and more difficult to hide! I have felt our little one move around for about a week now!! It makes it seem so real!! It moves the most when I'm trying to go to sleep!! It is all so much fun and we feel very blessed to be pregnant and we are so so excited!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's a...


Yes, it's true, Mike and I are expecting our first baby! We are so excited to be able to FINALLY share this news with you. As many of you know we have struggled to get this baby and are so grateful it's finally happened. I am 13 weeks and due June 6th! We want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated.

Monday, November 24, 2008

To add to it all...

So, I got a text this morning about 8:10am while I was working. It was from Mike and it said "guess who got pulled over again?" I was hoping with everything I had that it wasn't him. We weren't that lucky though. Mike was speeding to work this morning, not because he was going to be late, just because 'if you ain't first you're last'!! So a cop pulled him over. He questioned Mike on the tint on our car and also for speeding. He was going 25 over this time. You'd think he'd learn. Lucky for him though the cop was having a good day and let him go with just a warning. I'm going to have to buy him a pos car that CAN'T speed!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to us!!

So it all began one day Mike and I were on our way to Park City. We wanted to hit up the outlets, dinner, and make it in time to watch The Office. This was all within like 2 hours-pretty impossible, we know!! But we were going through Provo canyon and going too fast. We came up to these two cars and one decided she didn't want us going fast so she cut us off. We tailed her until she got over, then off we went again. When we came up to the tunnel there was a white car at the end of it just waiting for someone like us to come speeding past! It was a sheriff. So, we slowed down and pulled over, the cop was behind us and the dumb lady who didn't want us to pass her was behind the cop. She came and tattled on us and then left. The cop came and had Mike get out of the car to talk to him. Mike got out and the cop was pretty darn rude to him. He told him that nothing mattered and anything he said wouldn't matter then asked him if he had anything to say. Mike just stood there and said nothing. The cop kept asking if there was anything. Mike reminded him that he told him it didn't matter. So, the angry cop made us wait 30 min to write out our ticket. He came and gave it to us, we were going 33 over and also got charged for reckless driving. Mike had to go to court and get a lecture and they told him how much the ticket would be. Mike just plead guilty and the sentence was given. Either 210 days in jail or $1,100. I thought it would be a good lesson for him to go to jail but we opted out on the fine. So, that is our Christmas presents to eachother this year!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Huge Thanks!!!

I have to tell my sister, Melissa, thank you so much!! She is the reason for the new and much needed face lift on my blog!! She is so creative and so talented!!! She can do yours for you too!!! She does such a great job!!! Thanks so much!


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8 t.v. shows I like to watch:
1. Anything on HGTV
2. Anything on the History channel
3. Anything on Discovery
4. The Office
5. Fringe
6. Scrubs
7. House
8. Pushing Daisies

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Watched David Archelata on the Today show
2. Worked ALL day
3. Went to lunch with my hot hubby
4. Caught a student doing drugs on school campus
5. Made cinnamon rolls (well baked them!!)
6. Watched House
7. Cleaned my house
8. Watched Enchanted-one of my fav movies!!!

8 favorite places to eat:
1. Macaroni Grill
2. Red Lobster
3. Zupas
4. Einsteins
5. Noodles and Co.
6. Shoots
7. Happy Sumo
8. Red Rock

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Thanksgiving with my family
2. Eating really good food
3. The Twilight movie
4. Decorating for Christmas
5. Not being sick
6. Starting my yoga class
7. Seeing and playing with my nephews
8. Wrapping Christmas presents

8 people I tag:
anyone who wants to!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Mike has to dress up each year for Halloween and he is getting more and more clever each year. He was so excited for me to take pictures so I could put it on the blog!! I think he's excited to hear everyone's reactions!! The tag says To: Women From: God- aka "God's gift to women"! He's such a funny boy!! I think he would wear it everyday if I'd let him!

Park City

The whole Draper family went to Park City for a week and had tons of fun!!! We stayed in the Marriott and really just relaxed, went shopping and played lots of games!!

Staci, Mom, Erin holding Joel in the room. Just enjoying Sunday afternoon!!
Mike on the 4-wheeler. The guys were out for hours and hours and hours and had so much fun!
Joel, Morgan and Celeste. Joel thought it was pretty cool although he wouldn't smile!!
Morgan and Ryan in the pool. It was "heated" but still cold since it was outdoors.
Mike (being modest for us all) and Ryan in the hot tub. All the boys spent a lot of time in the pools and playing ping pong. I really didn't see much of my husband that week!!! It was lots and lots of fun though!!

Mike and Dylan

Mike and Dylan (and Tyler) are best buds!! Mike (and I) can't get enough of them!! It is like we are addicted to them, their smiles, laughs, everything about them!! We are in complete love with them!! (note:they are not our children) Mike and I went up to their house one sunday evening to play with them! We went on a little walk and make snowballs and then went to the airport to get my mom and dad. Dylan could not get enough of the escalators and so Mike played with him on them going up and down for about 45 minutes while we waited!! It was so cute! He has some of the cutest facial expressions we have ever seen!! We love you boys!!

The Circus!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm an Alice!

I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who wants a FREE handbag?!!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The past month

I haven't posted because not too much has happened. Life is pretty much the same day in and day out for us! Just a lot of work and football! We got season passes again this year for BYU football games. We haven't gotten any pictures of it yet. Although they have been playing pretty good!!

We bought a new car! Our other car was starting to drive hard so we decided to trade it in. We went to Brent Brown and Mike told them what he was looking for and they had just barely gotten it in off the truck with 0 miles! So we bought it!! Mike was sad to see his car go but LOVES his new car!! It has all the upgrades and my favorite...heated seats!!!

We had lots of company staying with us. I guess that's what happens when you have a house with extra rooms!! It was fun to have everyone. It was fun to play with Soren and Kilee before they moved. We miss them already!! Kilee and I got our gel toes done at the school one day too!! Thanks for hanging out with us guys and for being great friends!! Hopefully we'll make it up to see you soon!!

I found an outlet!!

Just a pretty picture

All the bikes lined up for the bike parade!! That was a long bike ride for them!!

The bride and groom.

Their bikes all decorated!

Me and my mom!
I also had a very 'culture' experience...a granola wedding!! It was at the Boise botanical gardens. It was beautiful!! I didn't get ready before we hit the road thinking I could do my hair at the guest services bathroom and this is what I got!! Thank goodness for my CHI- they have really long cords!! There was a square dance instructor (I felt like I was back in mutual!!) and an open bar, guys rolling their own weed in the corners, a bike parade, need I say more!! It was interesting to say the least!! But fun to see old friends!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take me out to the Ballgame!

We went with the whole Draper family (except Ry-we missed him though) to an Orem Owls baseball game!! The sports trainer for the team was one of David's students-so that was fun for him! The game was good with some fun plays!! The Owl's won which makes it even more fun when the home team wins!! There is this guy there that goes to every game too that hoots twice in a row over everything. It would have been really annoying but Mike knew the guy and I guess he's a little crazy!! Glad he has fun at the games!!!
Erin, Mike, and Joel enjoying a bag of potato chips!! Joel didn't really get into the game too much! But he was fun entertainment when the game was slow!
Celeste and Morgan
Staci and Brad
Joel getting the last drop-and the soggy bread he put in there from earlier on!!
Mike and I. It was a fun game!! The trainer even gave Mike a professional wooden baseball bat!! He was one happy little boy!!!:) Thanks mom and dad!!!

Small town life

Living in a small town you do things you normally wouldn't do!! I am introducing Mike to a lot of firsts!!! First the rodeo and then the Spanish Fork Fair and Demolition derby!! Yeehaw! He had a lot of fun though!! Although he might not admit it!!!
This is Mike at the fair. We went and looked at the animals! behind Mike are two HUGE steers!! We went around the back so we could see their faces because they were so huge and they got a little friendly and scared us off!! It was funny to watch Mike though!! It was like he had never seen a cow before!!

Then we went to the demolition derby. For those of you who don't know- I grew up in a very small town in way norther Idaho (moscow) and then in Logan. So these derbies and things are second nature to me!! This was a pretty good derby though!! If you can see- that yellow car is stuck on the cement barrier just sitting right on top of it!! Their were some pretty crazy drivers.
But when it came time for the girls turn- watch out!!! There was this one girl who was just a tiny little thing and she did not hold back!! She backed up and ran right into this car a few times until one time she hit her so hard that it rolled her car onto the top of it and then her car stopped right on top of that one. They brought out the fork lift, the jaws of life, a straight board and all. It really scared me but when they turned the car over the girl came out and was fine. It was cool after we found out she was ok!!
You can see this is the car that was on the bottom. It was completely flattened. We had a good time!! They also had an amazing and way long fireworks show afterwards!! We love fireworks!


So, I just had to post these two pictures! The one is of Mike and Ryan. This is the only way Ryan will come over to our house is to play xbox with Mike!! They are super competitive and are so funny to listen to while they are playing!!!

This one is of Tyler. Melissa was helping me do my cute header and Tyler was just so bored! So we told him to wait on the steps for Uncle Mike to get home!! I don't know who adores who most!! So I put the door stop in and Tyler got out his tools to fix it!! (it wasn't broken!!) but he just loves to be a helper and to fix things!! I love my family!! They are the best!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Melissa came to my house with her boys to hang out for the day!! We had lots of fun!! I love playing with Dylan and Tyler!! Tyler spent the night and so far that has been an adventure! More to come on that!! But I wanted to say thanks to Melissa for showing me how to do my own blog header!! I had fun playing! I think it turned out pretty cute!! It took me over an hour to do it...hopefully I will get faster!!! But thanks Melissa for everything!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here are some before, during and afters of our bathrooms!! When we moved in the bathrooms had carpet in them- stupid! My mom and dad came down for the weekend to help us put tile in!! I am so greatful for the cooked meals, clean house, knowledge and direction on the how-to, we had tons of fun and our bathrooms now look A to the MAZING!! Thank you so much!! We couldn't have done it without you guys!! We love you so much!! And thank you again!!


guest bathroom

master bathroom


Mike and I in the guest bathroom. Mike did an amazing job!! Good job babe!!

Dad working in the master bathroom.


guest bathroom. We did 8x8 tiles and can I just say WOW!! It think it looks great!!

Guest bathroom. We (meaning dad) had to take the toilet out and take the baseboards off and then put them all back!! That was a job!! But it looks so amazing!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

master bathroom. Here we used 16x16 tiles and I love it! I love how it turned out!! The grout is still a little wet so it won't be quite so dark but I still LOVE it!! I love it on the angle to!! Thanks dad! I know it was a pain but I love it!! GREAT JOB!!

and another picture of the master bathroom!! I go upstairs just to stand in both bathrooms now and stare!! I LOVE them!! They look fabulous!! Way to go us!!!

for jeff

Jeff is my amazing bro that does amazing things!! Like hiking all the amazingly tallest mountains throughout the world!! His latest he trained for months and is super skinny!! He hiked the Tetons in Idaho this last weekend!! He is either amazing or crazy!! Either way I think he's pretty cool and I love him!! My dad and Liam went to Yellowstone to meet up with Jeff when he got down from the mountain!! Here, check out his picts!!!

Jeff, Liam and Dad.

Jeff climbing up!! He is in China already again and hasn't even seen these picts yet so I don't know the datails about them yet.

WOW!! What a view huh?!!

Fiesta Days!!

That's right!! Here in good ole' SF they celebrate Fiesta Days with a weeks worth of rodeo, booths, carnival and end it with fire works for the 24th of July!! (that's pioneer day for those of you who don't live in Utah!!) Mike and I started the fun filled week with seeing the new Batman movie!! We liked it!! We thought Joker was awesome!! Then on Tuesday we went to the rodeo!!! You heard it right!! I took my city boy to the rodeo!! He let me wear my cowgirl boots even!! He LOVED the rodeo!! Next time you see him and want to see him get really excited ask him about going to the rodeo!!:) We had a good time!! We went to the carnival and ate a Navajo taco and watched some neighbor boys go on rides!! They think the world of Mike!! My parents came down from Logan to help with our tile. We watched the fire works with my parents in our backyard!! They were pretty dang good!! Especially the finale!! Then we went to the opening night of Step Brothers at midnight!! Then we did more tile and more tile!! It was an eventful week!!!

Mike and his friend Miley!! She has on a George Straight shirt, her pink hat and matching pink boots and a cute belt buckle!!!! She was pretty excited about the rodeo!!! The mut'n'bust was fun to watch too!! The little kids hang on to the neck of a lamb for dear life while they run around!! Miley will do it when she is 6!!

Mike at the rodeo!! He's a babe!!

I don't know what this is called but the cowboy goes after a cow, ropes it, jumps off his horse goes and ties the cows legs together then gets back on his horse and they give the cow 6 seconds to get loose, if they get loose then they are disqualified!! It was amazing how fast this all happened and how smart the horses were!!

If you look close there is a motorcycle jumping over the length of the trailer and truck!! It was so neat to watch!!

This is the bull ride!!! They are some mean bulls too!!! Those cowboys are CRAZY!!!

Fireworks!! Another thing about the rodeo is how they are truly and so deeply grateful to live in this free country and for all those who have made it free. I get chills and tears in my eyes when I see fireworks and hear the music!! I too am grateful to have the freedoms we have and Love living here!! I am grateful for the armed forces and for all they give for our country!!