Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our growing boy

Dallas is growing up too fast! The days seem to fly by and I don't know where the time goes! He's such a happy boy and we just play and "talk" to each other all day!!! He's become quite mobile with scooting around and is attempting to crawl, he just needs to get up the guts!! He loves bath time and will stick his face in the water and sit up and laugh hysterically at himself! He has quite a fun sense of humor!
We eat with our socks on in our house!:) This was Dallas' first time eating a graham cracker!! He LOVED it! It's the most sugar he's ever had!! He wasn't sure about the mess on his hands but he liked the taste!
My snugly boy!! He loves to snuggle and get his head and back tickled! (oops, I blinked!!)
Like I said, Dallas is quite mobile lately!! I set him down to play while I washed my hands and I heard him yelling and came back to see him stuck under the table!!!
We took Dallas to Cabellas thinking he would LOVE the animals!! Come to find out, they aren't so cool when they are dead and don't move!!
He did LOVE the fish though and we watched them swim for over an hour!! So the trip was a success!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Post 1 of 3

Some of my favorite pictures of Dallas at 7 months!! He is such a little boy now!! He sits up so well and talks non stop!! He is roughly 30 inches and 17 lbs.! He has taken himself off the binki-I haven't decided if it's good or bad!! He is such a curious little guy always wanting to get his hands on everything!! He has no teeth and no hair! He isn't crawling but is using his legs more!! He makes me smile every second of everyday! He loves his baths and loves to eat food!! He will eat anything you give him but peas!! He loves to dance!! Whenever there is an upbeat song or dad's whistling he will go crazy dancing!! He is such a blessing in our lives and we love seeing him learn and grow!!

Post 2 of 3

I took some pictures for Christmas cards but never got around to printing and sending them out. Here's our Christmas card a month late!!

Post 3 of 3

We had a good Christmas!! We had 3 of them-one at our house and one at each of the grandparents!! Dallas LOVED the paper, bows and boxes more than anything else!
Dallas and Ale the puppy! He wants a puppy of his own so bad!! He gets a hold of a dog and gets so excited and tries to give them wet slobbery kisses!!

Dallas playing with his toys in the box! He didn't want to get out!!
Christmas at our house, we didn't get too many pictures because we were more focused on recording him!! Christmas at my parents house we didn't get any pictures-I need to get them from my mom! But we had fun! Dallas went sledding for his first time and didn't love it! We went snowmobiling, snowboarding, rock climbing and had a ton of fun!!!
Dallas and mom reading books before bed time!
Our little "atrium"! I'm very ready for spring and can't wait for the snow to be gone!! Dallas and I planted this tree and are having fun watching it grow!!
Chewing on my apple core!! He loves to do big boy things!!!! He is such a happy boy all the time!
I just LOVE this picture!!! He cheeses so much whenever we pull out the camera!!
We went swimming on New Years. Dallas loves his bath so much so I thought he'd love swimming for sure!! He didn't know what to think about it at first but after some time he loved it!!
And this is one of Dallas' favorite "games"- he loves to pull the wipes out one by one and eat them!! Each one he pulls out he giggles!!