Thursday, September 25, 2008

The past month

I haven't posted because not too much has happened. Life is pretty much the same day in and day out for us! Just a lot of work and football! We got season passes again this year for BYU football games. We haven't gotten any pictures of it yet. Although they have been playing pretty good!!

We bought a new car! Our other car was starting to drive hard so we decided to trade it in. We went to Brent Brown and Mike told them what he was looking for and they had just barely gotten it in off the truck with 0 miles! So we bought it!! Mike was sad to see his car go but LOVES his new car!! It has all the upgrades and my favorite...heated seats!!!

We had lots of company staying with us. I guess that's what happens when you have a house with extra rooms!! It was fun to have everyone. It was fun to play with Soren and Kilee before they moved. We miss them already!! Kilee and I got our gel toes done at the school one day too!! Thanks for hanging out with us guys and for being great friends!! Hopefully we'll make it up to see you soon!!

I found an outlet!!

Just a pretty picture

All the bikes lined up for the bike parade!! That was a long bike ride for them!!

The bride and groom.

Their bikes all decorated!

Me and my mom!
I also had a very 'culture' experience...a granola wedding!! It was at the Boise botanical gardens. It was beautiful!! I didn't get ready before we hit the road thinking I could do my hair at the guest services bathroom and this is what I got!! Thank goodness for my CHI- they have really long cords!! There was a square dance instructor (I felt like I was back in mutual!!) and an open bar, guys rolling their own weed in the corners, a bike parade, need I say more!! It was interesting to say the least!! But fun to see old friends!!