Tuesday, November 24, 2009

6 months and gratitude

Before I get into this post I wanted to note his measurements!! He is 16.10 lbs- 50th% and 29 inches-which is off the charts!! I can't believe my baby is 6 months!! I know all moms say that but when it's your own it's so real and crazy how quickly they grow up. I've been thinking a lot about Dallas and our little family and I get overwhelmed with emotion! It's amazing to me how much light and joy one little boy can bring to our lives! I remember about a year ago when we found out I was pregnant, we were very nervous. We didn't think he would survive. He is definitely a fighter and a huge blessing! Now our lives revolve around him! With every babble, smile, cry and squeal we realize how blessed we are. He is a very happy and healthy baby and for that I am very grateful for! I love every second of everyday with our family! I love the sad times and the happy times! I love the huge smile and the pouty lip cry! I love his cackling laugh and seeing him learn and take everything in around him! I love watching him imitate us! I love rocking him to sleep! I love his tantrums he throws and he arches his back to try to get away! I can't imagine anything better than being a mother to my sweet baby boy! He always brings a smile to my face!! He has such a fun personality and a great sense of humor! When we throw a blanket over his face he freezes, when we pull it off and say peekaboo he bursts out laughing!! I love him beyond words!! I love our family!!! I love watching Mike take care of and love Dallas!! They are such good friends! Dallas will sometimes watch the door and wait for Mike to walk in! It's the sweetest thing to see them play together!! I love my husband! He is so good for me and truely amazing!! I am greatful for him!! I love this time of year!! It's so great to really focus on what I have been blessed with in my life! It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! We are all blessed and can blessings in others lives!! I hope we all have a very happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

More of our sweet boy!

So, here are some more pics! They aren't in any specific order! And they are taken with my phone! This is going to be long!!

Melissa, the boys and I love to meet at IKEA for breakfast (it's so yummy and cheap) and just chat!! We were looking around and found these hats!! This is Viking Dallas!! He seems to not mind hats...yet!
We love to call this face his bitter beer face!! He is so funny! After he does this he lifts up his chin again and laughs!! He's got such a great sense of humor!!
We've started Dallas on a sippy!! He loves it and thinks he's so cool and such a big boy with it!! It keeps him from wanting to drink out of our cups too!!!

I went to the school to be a model for one of my new students and took Dallas with me! This was the only thing that kept him happy and occupied and not grab the foils out of my hair!! He loves to look at himself!!
This is Dallas' way of watching the tv now!! We used to be able to have it on and keep him turned away from it but now he can move himself to watch it! Needless to say we now have DVR so we can watch our shows when he's in bed!!
Dallas LOVES to go on walks!! His day is not complete without them!! We actually went and walked in the mall with all the gramdmas and grandpas when it was too cold!! He loves to sit up in it and put his feet up!! What a cutie!!
This is Dallas' halloween costume (more pics to come)! He was a monkey!! He wanted to chew on the banana so bad but it was so fuzzy!! He's the cutest monkey if I do say so myself!!
Another 5 month pic!! He's so big!!
This is his favorite toy-Mr. Frog! He loves to give him kisses and chew on his hands and feet!!
Trying to keep Dallas holding still while eating is quite the chore these days!! He would rather look around at everything else!!
He likes to "help" with holding the bottle!! Really he just makes it more difficult!! He wants to be so big too fast!!

Another one of him looking at himself in the mirror!! I told you he LOVES it!!
So, this toy actually has an arch that goes over the top with toys that hang down from it. I was trying to use it to distract him so I could work in Christmas presents. He's a little too smart and started to kick the toys, then he got his feet on the arch and pushed it down and just stared at me and waited for me to notice that it wasn't going to work!! I laughed so hard!!
Dallas doesn't like his car seat anymore, when i put him in it he arches his back and throws a fit. I really needed to grab a few groceries but didn't want to deal with him in his car seat...so I sat him in the front and he LOVED it!! He thought it was the BEST thing in the world!! I guess I can go grocery shopping from now on!!
This is an older picture but had to get it off my phone and onto my computer. He's such a peaceful sleeper!! I love to snuggle with him while he's sleeping and can't push off me!!
First time tring rice cereal!! Notice it's all over his face and nothing in his mouth!! It took a few tries!! Now he's a pro at eating and loves everything so far but apple juice!!
Mike really wants Dallas to use his Mavericks binki. He kept it in for about a minute but still loves his hospital binki!!
Dallas is so playful right before bed! I love it!! This is us laughing away!! Sometimes he'll grab my face and try to eat it!! I love it!
Here he is cracking up!! He's such a funny baby!! He loves to laugh!! He's such a happy baby!!
Here's the 1st costume I bought him!! It was a 6 month but he was WAY to big for it!! His monkey costume was a 9-12 month!!
Trying to feed himself. He's got good cordination and all but he sticks it a little too far down his throat and ends up gagging himself!!
So our little guy won't stand on his legs for anything!! I was worried and got this jumper for him! He loves it!! And I love that he's using his legs!! He's so cute in it!!
I love to kiss his cheeks!! They are so soft and squishy and oh so kissable!! He's such a sweety!
He is always wanting what we are eating and screams and makes so much noise about it!! So, I decided he could suck on a slice of my apple!! He LOVED it!! and once again felt like such a big boy!!
This Halloween I was so excited to not have to worry about a costume for Mike!! Instead I got to make a treat!! I was feeling a little crafty and didn't realize what I was getting myself into! (that happens a lot!!) So here is my treat!! Donut holes dipped in colored chocolate, then dipped into cookie and candie crumbs on a stick with a ribbon. They turned out and were yummy too!!
Dallas in his beany!! He got to wear it the day it snowed!! He loved it!! I had a friends mom make it for him and it's perfect!! (if you want one let me know, I'll get you the info)!!
Another hat at IKEA!! This is an airplane hat!! He's such a trooper and loves hats!!
As you can see Dallas is our everything!! We love him to pieces and can't imagine our lives without him!!