Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Sunday

We went to Salem pond and fed the ducks! Dallas is in love with birds so he had a blast!!

Feeding the ducks and himself!! He'd throw a piece and eat a piece!!
Love this picture!!
The rest of the pics aren't from today but I wanted to share them!
Loves the pantry and loves food!!
So, this one has a story!! We have a mac laptop and the cord for it it relatively expensive. Dallas has an obsession with cords and loves to suck on them. We have bought 3 for the laptop because he is so sneaky!! He has been electrocuted so you'd think he'd learn!! One morning we came downstairs and finished breakfast and I was washing bottles. Dallas will usually play with his toys and is so loud. Well, he was silent and I hadn't heard him for a while so I figured he went upstairs. I walked through the whole house saying his name expecting to turn a corner and find him. While I was upstairs I heard him giggling!! He was downstairs behind the side table trying to get the cord!!! He is such a stinker!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dallas is 1!!

My sweet baby boy is one!! The first year with him has gone by so so fast and I can say I have enjoyed EVERY single minute of it!! It makes me sad to think that I no longer have a baby but I LOVE the things he does at this age!! He's quite the funny kid and knows it!! He may be my destroyer but I love him to pieces!!! We had a fun family party to celebrate. Here are some pics!!

Dallas with his balloon and his Papa!! We got 50 balloons and Dallas was in heaven!!
Eating his cake-and his first sugar ever! He had more fun squishing it in his hand and throwing it on the floor. Not too much made it in his mouth!!
But he sure LOVES strawberries!!!
Getting into the cake!
His jungle themed cupcakes!! They were so much fun to make! Luckily I had help with them from my cousin Beckie!!
I love this picture!! He's such a sweet heart and I love my life and am so blessed to be his mother!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


We are alive! We have been great and enjoying every moment together! We are loving the warmer weather and have been getting our yard and garden cleaned up and ready to plant! We had a fun Easter, but don't know where the pictures went! Dallas has been growing so fast and learning so much! He's so much fun! We recently went to California and had a blast!! The pics are a little out of order though!
On Balboa Island, we found a little bakery with chocolate filled croissants, just like in Vanuatu!!
The ship we were supposed to take to Catalina Island, the port was closed because of wind though so we didn't make it there. We discovered a neat part of town and a gorgeous port because of it though!!
On the ferry to get to the ship to go to Catalina. Dallas LOVED the water!
Dallas loved the San Diego Zoo! He LOVES animals!! This was a 2 week old elephant!! So cute!
On the safari! I love this kid!!
Beautiful pier! There were men fishing, Dallas thought that was great!!
Couldn't be happier as a family on the beach at 8 am!! I love my boys so much!!
Playing on the beach close to the hotel! Dallas loved the sand but the water, not so much! Only from a distance!
This picture makes me speachless and emotional! There's just something about my little boy and the serenity of the beach that make me tear up and bring a smile to my face!
Dallas loves monkeys!
They had a petting area and Dallas was in heaven!!
We make a cute caterpillar and butterfly don't we!!
I love this picture of my boys!!!