Sunday, August 19, 2007


4 jobs I've had: stylist
2.floral designer
3.bakery helper
4.every telemarketing job out there!
I could go on until like 400 but I'll
spare you all!!

4 movies I could watch over and over:
2.Finding Nemo
3.Any Disney movie but 101 Dalmations
4.The Bourne series

4 places I've lived:
4.Cuenca, Ecuador

4 favoite TV/reality shows
1.Anything on the Style channel:)
2.The home makover shows- not just the
one's with Ty but all of them!!!
3.I'm addicted to reality shows
4.24!!! Starting again in January 08!!!!

4 of my favorite places I've been
3.Sea World
4.Anywhere there is a body of large water
I can play in!!!

4 favorite foods
1.Anything with sugar. Lately it's been
Chocolate ice cream with reeces, chocolate
syrup in two smashed waffle bowls with....
those chocolate cereal straws!!!!! YUMMY!!
2.Any seafood-lobster!!
4.the vegetable wheat thin crips

4 websites I check daily

4 hobbies
1.Hair!!! I love it!!!
3.reading!! I love the Twilight series!! And
I am in love with Edward!! I can't wait until
the movie comes out!!!!
4.playing with Tyler and Dylan

4 friends I tag
1.Lacey Lou
3.My mother- I need to get her up on this
blog stuff though!
4.Jenni Mae

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Beach

So, if you know me you know how much I LOVE the beach!!!! I LOVE it so much!! Nobody else wanted to go but I got my way and we went the day we flew out!!! Once we got there and got in the waves and did some body surfing everyone had a blast!!! There were also some sea urchin looking things that when you touch them you have to move your finger fast of they'll suck on you and they close up really fast!! We played with them for a while and then went to get all the sand out of our suits!!! Then we drove as fast as we could to the airport and flew home wet, sandy, and smelly!! I felt bad for the people around us!!! It was so much fun though!! Such a fun fun trip!! I loved every minute of it!!!!!

Disey Land

While in California we spent the third and fourth day going to Disney Land and Califonia Adventure!! It was so much fun!! It wasn't too busy but there were still lines!! Our favorite rides were Indiana Jones, the space ship one (I forget the name of it-it's pitch black inside and it's a roller coster and you have no idea where you're going to go!!!) , Califonia Screamin', and Soaring over California was pretty cool!! We would fast track those all day long!!!
#1: mike and I in front of the Castle!!! #2: It was my birhtday one of the days we went so this is me with my tiara on my head!! I also got a huge button that tells everyone it's my birthday and all the workers have to tell you happy birthday!! It was pretty funny!! #3: We went on this ride where you're in a cart and you go through Monster's Inc. and you're supposed to find Boo. Well Boo is in every room!!! Mike took a pict of her everytime!! It was pretty cute though!! #4: The fireworks at night!!! I have never seen fireworks like that before They were around the whole park so they were going off all around you and everywhere!! They had smily face ones, these ones twisted in the air, they had squares and stars!! They were so neat!!!! #5: This was in California Adventure at A Bugs Land!! It was so awesome!! Everything in there is big so it's like you're a small bug!! This is Mike and I standing in front of a big clover and the bugs bums are the lights!! It was so neat!! We also went to a 4D Bugs Movie!! It was so creapy and cute!! We had so much fun those two days!! We were definately worn out- we aren't kids anymore and we were feeling it!!

Sea World

We went to California for our anniversary and birthdays with Mike's family!! It was a blast!! We went to Sea World the first day and I was so impressed!!!! I could have left for home that day and been happy!!! The animals were so awesome!!! We got to pet the stingrays, hold starfish and let them suction to our hands, feed the seals and sea lions, pet the dolphins!!! It was so cool!! When I was feeding the seals the people give you some fish and tell you to keep it closed so the seagulls don't eat them. Well I had mine really tightly closed but had a fish hanging out for the seal to jump up and eat and well the seagull got there before the seal did!!! We went to all the different shows with all the animals and we went on the Atlantis ride which was fun!!
The first pict is of when we went to the shark aquarium. First you go in and you look down at them and they are so huge!!! They also had little ones too!! It was neat!! Then you go down stairs and go through a glass tunnel so you are surrounded by them on both sides of you and on top of you too!! It was so awesome!!!
The third pict is of Shamu!! We saw the people leaving and how soaked they were so we sat up high!! That whale is huge and I couldn't beleive the things it could do!! After that I wanted to become part of the Sea World team!!!
The fourth pict is of the dolphin show!! That's three of them on the right side jumping!! They could jump so high!!! They were amazing!!!
The fifth pict (you might have to enlarge it to see it) but there's a rope from the top of the seats down to the building and there's a dolphin jumping over it!!! WOW!!!!!
I loved Sea Wold!! I can't wait to go back again!!!!