Sunday, March 30, 2008

We are moving up!

So, we have been searching for a house for what seems like forever!!! We finally found one that we love! It's definitely not our dream home but it is so much nicer than living in a 400 square foot apartment in the middle of all the BYU students. So, we are making an offer this week and we hope to be in by May 1st. We are hoping that with Mike working at the bank things will move a bit faster than normal and this will be possible!! Wish us luck!! We'll have all you over once we're in!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do Your Part-Go Green!!

I feel a little concern for our lovely planet of ours!! So, I have taken action!! I have gone paperless!!! I have paperless bills and statements!!! I also have taken my name off of all the junk mail lists!!! Here are the websites I have used to do this!! If you know of other ones I'd LOVE to know!! This one is for credit card offers:
This one if for all that unwanted junk mail:
That one you can go to stop all and it will cancel the ones you can without having to print out a page, sign it and mail it in!! I know kind of ironic huh?!! But it's worth it!!! They also have catalogs on this site that you can cancel!! They are all online anyway!!! But the best catalog one is:
Have fun with this!! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!! Does this sound green or what!! But we should take care of what we have!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Latest Purchase

Mike and I have been using a dresser that was dropped down the stairs and we were lucky if we could get the drawers pushed in and stay in!! So, we finally found a moment to get something new!! This is it!!!! We love it!!! Now for the head board!!! It might take a couple months to talk Mike into it!!! Guess I better keep working!:)

What have we been up to you ask?

Besides all the everyday things that keep us all busy...these are some other things we have been doing!!!
Strawberry facials-very moisturizing!!
Taking the boys to McDonalds to play!!
Cleaning under the oven and everywhere else!!!
And doing a little Cirque du Soleil makeup when I can't stand another moment of life!!!


Mike and I went to Manti for a friends wedding! We got there right in time to miss the big snow storem!! It was absolutely beautiful with NOTHING in site!! We had a lot of fun there!! And the Temple is amazing!!! We would recommend going there for a weekend!!


I can't believe how behind I am. Life has been CRAZY!!!! Here are just a few picts from the past 3-4 months!!
Mike and I at midnight 2008 or is it 2007? I try not to think about the day!! Mike was excited!
The big boys lit off fire works for New Years and even though we could barely hear them inside, cute Liam still plugged his ears!! So cute!!
Uncle Mike holding little Collin!!! He is so much fun!!
The day after New Years we all went up snowmobiling!! It was a lot of fun!! The small boys played outside and had lunch out of the back of the car!! The rest of us rode clear to Bear Lake on the snowmobiles!! It was cold but also a blast!!
Just getting back from Bear Lake!! It was getting dark- so right in time!!
The whole Draper Family!!
The whole Reece Family!! well....the originals at least!!