Thursday, March 25, 2010


Every time I get on my blog to look at everyone else's blog I think about quiting the blogging world. I don't think anyone wastes their time even looking at mine anymore since I NEVER update!! I really have no excuse! Everyone else is just as busy as me if not more!! But...I'll do a quick pictureless post/journal entry!
We are doing well, kind of! We are all sick. We have sinus infections and are pretty much sick of them!! Our noses are raw and we are running out of hot water every night!!
Other than that...I got a new postion at work! I'm the new nail tech! My schedule will be changing and I'll be working more. I'm a little torn about it! It will be a great experience for me but I'm so sad that I'll be away from Dallas more. Luckily we have an AMAZING sitter whom Dallas adores! We seriously lucked out with her!
Dallas is growing so dang fast!! He does new fun things everyday!! He is such a happy happy baby who gets excited about everything!! He loves us to chase him lately!! He'll crawl a little bit and stop, look at us, then crawl away squealing! I love it! It's so much fun!! Then he'll chase us back! He is such a smart boy! And even while he's been SO sick he still has a smile for you! This is one reason I don't want to leave him more!
I never posted about this but I'm doing a half marathon in 3 weeks! YIKES!! I'm not sure I'm ready! When I signed up for it I thought that it would be a piece of cake! I guess I forgot I'm not a teenager anymore!! So, wish me luck!!!
We are going to go to California the week after the race with Mike's family! I haven't been this excited for a trip in a LONG time! Maybe that's cause I haven't gone on a trip in a really long time!! I'm looking forward to relaxing and spending time with my family!!
Well, that's more than anyone wanted to know and if you made it this far in this post kudos to you!!! Maybe I'll do a good post to make up for this lame one!! I said maybe!!