Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Run and Fun!

I can't believe it's fall already!! I love the cool crisp air, leaves crunching under my feet and my house smelling like heritage spice!!! Not a lot has changed since my last post but we have had some fun!! Dallas is growing like crazy and talking up a storm, and it's actual words! I can't believe how quickly he's grown! He doesn't allow me to help him eat anymore so EVERY meal is VERY messy!! He does a pretty good job at the beginning but then wants to eat more quickly and his hands are better utensils than the actual ones!

To say this kid LOVES avocados would be an understatement!! This would be his breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks if I'd allow it!
Occasionally when mom is feeling like a donut we'll go in our jammies to Macey's (they have the BEST donuts!!) Dallas always picks donut holes cause they look like balls!! Anything he can eat off his finger he will!!
My little man has been super cuddly and can fall asleep anywhere when he's tired!! I was cleaning up and walked into my room to find him asleep on my bed with his blankie up over his head!! He's so sweet!!

So, I have some awesome friends if I do say so myself!! I heard about The Dirty Dash months before and REALLY wanted to do it!! I tried to talk Mike into it but he said he'd rather not. So I got Jesse, Kenzie and Susie to sign up for it and run it with me!!! How nice are they?!! This was our before pic, nice and clean!!
And here's an after!! I thought that the mud would just rub right off with the tights but when I took them off....it looked like I was still wearing them!!
This was after I was "cleaned up"- I got dunked in the pig spy, pretty much a pool of mud, and was covered head to toe in every crack and crevise!!
I will definately be doing this race again!! It was THE funnest run I've EVER done!! Well organized, killer course (litterally, I about died on it), great company and tons of mud!!
More pics