Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yet another update

Yes, I am terrible at blogging!! I wish I could just give up but the guilt weighs on me so here I go again!! The past month has gone by so fast and can't believe it's almost Halloween!! We are enjoying the weather and the beautiful leaves that lasted not nearly long enough!! We love Dallas and all he learns and discovers each day!! We just can't get enough of his cuteness!!

We have made a few trips up to Logan and had some fun!! Dallas loves to jump on the trampoline (in moms arms!!), swing all by himself and LOVES his Grammy and Papa!! My dad can get him laughing so hard!! He loves to snuggle and I LOVE it!! He's the perfect baby Here is aunt Jen and Dallas taking a nap! I think Jen was more out than Dallas!! I love this picture!! Thanks for taking him Jen!!

Dallas cracks himself up!! Whenever he gets in front of a mirror he laughs so hard!! He knows where all the mirrors in the house are and makes sure he looks in each one as we pass them!! He is so fun!! He is in love with his toes! They could entertain him for hours!!

Here he is cracking up again!! He always gets a second wind just before bed!! He is sporting his Dallas Mavericks jammies!! He loves bath time and splashes until there is no water left!! Then he kicks and babbles which turns into fun screaming for a while then he crashes and goes to bed!! I love it!! He's so much fun!!
All wrapped up after his bath!! If you can't tell that's a huge grin behind that towel!! He always has to have something in his mouth- usually its his thumb!!! He makes me laugh!!!
He loves to watch me cook so I had him in his bumbo-which is a necessity!! and I was cooking dinner!! He got really quiet and when I looked at him this is what I saw! He got ahold of the flowers my dad gave me and was eating them!! He hated the taste but kept eating them!! He's such a goof!! I love his look like "who me?!"!!!!

Dallas has been eating rice cereal lately! He watches us eat every last bite of our meals and he gets so excited!! He loves when it's his turn to eat! He does really well with it now and we can't seem to get it in his mouth fast enough!! He will nose dive after the spoon if you don't get it there fast enough and screams when it's not fast enough!! We laugh SO hard!!
And here is our little man at 5 months!! He is roughly 27.5 inches-90% and 15.4 lbs.-50% He's pure joy! He couldn't be any more perfect! He's such a happy, easy going baby!! He can talk up a storm and never stops!! He is always so excited about everything!! He helps me realize the small and simple things in life!! He blesses us every day! We couldn't be any happier!!