Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SO grateful!!!!

Since the weather has been so "nice" I have been more and more grateful!! No, not for the "nice" weather but that I don't have to be pregnant through the WHOLE summer!! Today when it got up to almost 80 degrees (that might be an exaggeration, I don't know) I seriously thought I was going to roast and die!! I am also grateful that it's going to cool down again for the weekend! If it could only stay cooler for another 5 weeks then I would be a very happy mama!! I'm sure many of you are glad that I don't control the weather!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I feel like I put so many pictures of me on here and not many of Mike and always talk about before I get to me and Dallas..I want to talk about Mike!! I am so grateful for him! He is such an amazing husband, worker, friend, and man!! He has been so great to me since I've been pregnant (he always is great to me but he's really looking out for me!!). I get a leg and foot massage every night, he cooks dinner every night, and does everything he can to make sure I'm comfortable! He cleans the house, does the laundry...He even put up with my obsession of organizing and organized the crawl space for me while I told him where to put everything!! He is wonderful to me!! He is still going to BYU and is going to take classes through the summer. I don't know how he does it!! He is also training for a race (the Wasatch back) coming up in June. He constantly amazes me!! I love him so much and feel so blessed every day because I have him in my life!

Now onto me and Dallas!! He definitely is growing as you can see!! I am now 32.5 weeks. I feel like the end is in sight! I love feeling him move and can't imagine how he is fitting inside of me! I am still feeling pretty good!! It could be worse!!:) I can't wait to meet him but want him to stay in there as long as he needs to!!
Mike said the top picture makes me look smaller than I am so I decided to put this one too!! I'm getting so big!!!

These are a few pictures of the shower I had in Logan. Thanks so much Mom, Melissa and Jen for putting it together!! And also to everyone who came and for the wonderful gifts!! It was a lot of fun!! We had a chocolate fountain-yummy!!! We got this pic of Kelly and Jen at the table but really everyone had their moment of 30 min straight just dipping and eating- mine was more like an hour! It was all so good!!
I got some really GREAT gifts!! I can't wait to use them!! Thanks so much everyone!!!

Happy Easter!!!

We had a fun Easter this year!! On Saturday after we did some "spring" cleaning we went to lunch and I ran into the mall to get Mike's Easter present. I bought him a hat and had it sprayed with the protectant spray stuff. When I got in the car he asked what hat I got him! I was a little bummed but if you know me I can't keep anything secret so he would have gotten it that night anyways!!:)
We colored eggs Saturday evening and had fun doing that!! It's tradition in my family to make an egg for everyone with their name on it so we made one for Dallas too!!

Mike barely made it through coloring 8 eggs thanks to the game he was watching while doing it!
So, I couldn't wait till Sunday to find baskets so we did it Saturday!!!! Dallas got the egg and the stuffed fuzzy chick from his Great Grams and Gramps!! It is the softest chick ever!!! And his Grammy sent him a book!! He'll love them!! Thanks so much!!
Mike gets better and better each year at doing an Easter basket for me! He actually hid it this year too! He gave me money to buy a new book!!! So any suggestions would be great!!!
This is Mike with his hat that doesn't fit and the shaving cream I got him. He doesn't like to shave cause it makes it so sore. Dawn (one of my clients) told me about the shaving cream that Bath and Body sells that makes it so it doesn't hurt. So I got it for him and he loves it!! It works great!!! Thanks Dawn!! We had a great Sunday as well!! We had a great ham dinner and got to spend time with the Drapers! We hope you all had a great Easter!!