Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like father like son and more!

Our internet at our house is so off and on that I'm at the library blogging!! Dallas is being so good but I don't want to risk it so this is all going to be short and sweet!! We are all doing great!! I start work next week and am SUPER nervous-any advice on making it easier would be helpful!!

Watching baseball together!
Twinners on Fathers Day!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!! I think he's just so darn cute!

p.s. Dallas has hit 8 pounds!!
Dinner at Tepenyaki for Mike's Birthday!! (and our anniversary and my birthday!!) What a week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 weeks

Here's our little guy at 4 weeks old!!! (just when I said he wasn't cross eyed anymore!!) He is getting more and more of a personality! He's just so much fun! He loves reading books with us and taking baths, as long as mom is in there with him! And he loves to be outside!! He's such a happy snuggly guy!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

3 Weeks

Here are a few pictures of when Dallas was 3 weeks old!! He's getting so much meat on him!! Which is a good thing!! But he eats a TON!! My dr told me to give him an ounce for every hour- he usually eats every 2 hours but after 2 ounces he still thinks he's starving!! So I give in and give him another half an ounce and he still thinks he's hungry. So sometimes he ends up eating 3 ounces every 2 hours!! He's going to be a big kid!! At his 2 week check up he was 6 lbs. 12 ounces which is in the 10th % so I guess it's ok for him to eat!?! And he was 20 3/4 inches long which is in the 50th %. So he's growing!! And we are loving EVERY minute with him!!
I love when he's awake and happy!! He LOVES to look around and can follow things with his eyes now! He's not longer cross eyed!! YAY!! I think he's so dang cute!!
Here he is with his little legs up again!!! He's starting to relax them a little more every day but I just can't stop laughing at this!!
I just love this picture of him crying- is that bad? I think he's so cute when he cries!! He has a fake cry that is so soft and so cute!! I can't help but laugh when he does it!! P.S. I don't let him cry for long!! This was one of his 'I just ate 3 ounces and still want more' fits!!

And lastly...my favorite is when we get sleep at night!! This night I got 6 hours, not consecutively, but still-6!! Dallas does sleep in my bed with me-am I bad mom cause of this? If so, oh well!! I love sleeping with him!! It means I don't have to get out of bed as much!! I love waking up to his sweet little face every 2 hours!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

2 weeks

I know I'm a little behind!!! But here are some of my favorite pictures Melissa took of Dallas.

Now that I feel like I have a little control and time in my life I decided blog and give some details! I must say that being pregnant for me, luckily, was very pleasant! I didn't have any problems and didn't have to go through the dreaded "last month" of it! Dallas was born 3 weeks early! Since he came out healthy and strong I will say that I'm grateful he came early! At 2am on the 17th my water broke with no contractions. I called the hospital because I didn't know what to do! It wasn't supposed to happen that way- I didn't have makeup on, my house was a mess and I still didn't know what to take to the hospital! When we got to the hospital I still was 80% effaced and dilated to a 2. They let me hang out for a bit to see if I would progress by myself, but I didn't. They gave me pitosin and about 40 min later at 7:30 I got an epidural-p.s. my IV hurt more than the epidural!! Once I got the epidural I progressed very quickly. They thought he would come really fast so we called family and told them that he was coming. They got there and I was still pushing. I pushed for almost 2 hours but Dallas was transverse and not budging, not even the Dr. could get him to turn. They got another Dr opinion and they decided to prep me for a c-section. I was ok with this decision! As soon as I was completely numb and feeling like I weighed 800 pounds they checked Dallas one more time and to our surprise, he turned!! The Dr quickly did an episiodomy and used the forcepts. Five pushes later Dallas was born!! It was an amazing experience! As soon as he was out, there was an instant outpouring of a new kind of love for this addition to our family! I've never felt a love like it before! He is a huge blessing in our lives!
When we got to the hospital. I can't believe he fit in me! And I can't believe I got so big! I will admit that at times I miss feeling him move in me. But he's so much more fun to play with now!
That's our little guy!! I wonder how big he would have been if he came when he was supposed to! He's just perfect though!! I love my tiny baby!!
He is so precious!! He's such a good sleeper!! He loves to lay on our chest and sleep and don't you dare try to move him to his bed because he knows and isn't happy with it!!

I love his little face!! He makes such fun faces!! He has little dimples when he smiles- I have yet to get a picture of it!
He has a cowlick above his right eye! I love it!! It's so cute!! And notice how his forhead wrinkles go up where it is?!
I just love him so so much!! He's such a good baby!! He had jaundice for a week. I hated that he had to be on this bed all the time. He hated it more I think though. We had to take him in to get it checked every other day too so he has a collections of pricks on his little heels. So sad. I'm glad he's done with that though!!!
I don't think Mike will be happy with this picture! But I just have to show you how Dallas sleeps!! He keeps his legs straight up in the air! If they start to fall he quickly gets them back up in the air! He keeps us smiling every second!! We can't even explain how blessed we are and just how much we love our little boy!!