Monday, April 28, 2008

We are in!!

Here we are!! Finally in our new house! And it's a good patience was wearing out!! I took these at night so I'll put one of the front of the house another day. And some of the bedrooms I am still painting and getting fixed up. And I can't decide the colors for the bathrooms so, when I make some decisions and get things done I'll post more pictures!! But for now here is our house!!! We love it so much!!
This is the entry!!
This is the living room! We don't have our entertainment center yet so I'm not showing that wall. And not all my pictures are hung up because I just barely bought a stud finder!
Here's the kitchen!! It's so nice to have room to walk around! And we have a nice sized pantry which helps with the space!!
Our dining area! And the door to go to the backyard..which is fully fenced and has a full sprinkler system!!:)
The laundry room!! It's nice to just throw it in and shut the door- it's easier to forget about though!!
Ok- this is Mike's room!! He requested that all these pieces of furniture be in his "study"- which includes a tv with his xbox!! Wonder how much studying he'll get done in here?!!:)
This is the master bedroom! The picture doesn't do it justice! It is huge!!
Same with the walk in closet!! Notice that it's full of Mike's stuff! I have a little bit in the end in the corner down there somewhere!!
And here's the two car garage!! It's so great!! It is protecting my projects I'm working on!!
We love it here!! We have great neighbors who we have met already!! It is such a peaceful and comfortable place!! We are so happy!! Thanks to everyone who helped us out!! We really appreciate it so much!! We will let you all know when we are having our "house warming" party!!!

Getting ready!!

So, I wanted to pack my kitchen but not have to eat out for the next, I pre-made these four meals and froze them!! It worked out fabulously!! It was so nice to have everything ready to go when they said it was time!! I will do this again!!

i LOVE my nephews

So...I love playing with my nephews!! They make me so happy!! I love hearing them make noises and talk on the phone!! I love shopping with them!! I love hearing them laugh!! I love everything about them!! They are so great!!
This is my nephew Joel- Celeste's baby! We were in Jo-Ann's looking for stuff for our houses and found these festive 4th of July pinwheel headband! Only Joel could pull it off!! (someday I'll figure out how to rotate picts!!)
This is Tyler and Dylan- Melissa's babies!! Dylan want to be next to Tyler every second of everyday and Tyler just wants to be by himself!! Dylan is quite the tease but so so sweet!! I love both of them so much!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random picts

Mike and his favorite boys!! Tyler and Dylan come to play and they always have so much fun!!
I don't think Dylan could get any cuter than this!!! He was being fussy because he wanted his mom and so Mike started tossing him in the air and he would catch a glimps of himself each time and just started to giggle!! He loves looking at himself!! He's got the cutest smile!!
I have tried forever to get this pict to rotate but it won't cooperate!! I have had some friends get married and I have been able to do their flowers for them!! This is one of the bouquets I made! I have fun doing them!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I LOVE this song!! It is one of my favorites!! I love it with the ukulele!!!! I was so happy when I heard him sing it!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Offer Accepted

On Monday we went to get the paperwork to make an offer on a home in Provo. That night Nancy sent me a few other houses to look at. I didn't want to look but I did anyways. The last one we looked at both Mike and I fell in LOVE with!! It's only 2 years old-meaning no fixing!!! It's bigger than the other one and in a very nice neighborhood!! It is in Spanish Fork only 5 min from my job!! The seller was one of my fellow EFY counselor friends!!! We left and about 10 minutes later we called them and made an offer!! They thought for like 2 seconds and accepted!! The contract has been signed and we are qualified for our we are waiting for the bank!! We will be moving in in a few weeks!!! We are so excited!! Now if I could just twitch my nose and have everything moved for me!!!! If you go to this website there are a few pictures: