Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Late night...

After a long day at work and school and Mike studying...we eat dinner and hang out and relax in front of the tv. This is our late night with The Daily Show, Talk Soup, The Cobert Report, Jay Leno, and or Connan O'Brian. Mike can't take his eyes off it!!! I love that man!!!!

The latest do!!!

I finally had enough of my extensions so I started ripping the out. I had the remaining of them taken out. I forgot how thin my hair is!! My hair grew quite a bit while I had them in but I cut a few inches off and lightened it a bit. I'm trying to get it ready for Vanuatu so it's not too flashy!!! ( I hate this picture)

Baby Joel

Michael holding baby Joel, Ryan, and the
proud daddy, Morgan. Isn't he such a
cute baby!! I love being an aunt so much!!!!!

New info

Ok, so things have already changed!! So I have been looking for new jobs for a few weeks now. I applied at a flower shop, doing hair at the MTC/BYU, pure bliss salon, and the most recent...being an instructor at a hair school. I got all of them, which was very surprising to me. So...I took the Pure Bliss salon job and the instructor job!! I am very excited although I hate starting a new job and being the new person! It should be very good though!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The latest 411

So, this isn't a fun post at all...but just to let everyone in on what's new.
#1.Temple Workers...Mike and I were set apart as temple workers!! We will be working at the temple every friday night from 5:30-10:30pm (that's longer than any of my work days!!!!) When we went into the temple we just sat down with the temple president and just chatted for a while and then he said- I like you two..when do you want to work!! It was a neat experience to get set apart and be given those blessings!! We are so excited!!
#2.Mike...he is in another semester of school at BYU, and he actually likes his teachers this semester!!! He's still working at the bank and enjoys it most of the time!! He still loves sports more than ever and is so happy that football season is on again!! We have been to going to the BYU games- those are always fun!! Mike is the Elders quorum secretary and that keeps him extremely busy!! He is such an awesome husband and I give him props for putting up with me!!! I love him so much!!
#3.ME...I am in transition right now!! I have been driving to AF which is like 30-40 min plus depending on traffic. So, this last week was my last week at Salon Vox and I put my two weeks in at the flower shop (finally)!!! I start another salon job on wed. at Pure Bliss Salon in Springville (like 6 min away from my house)!!! YAY!!!! I had an interview at BYU/MTC doing hair their but I'm still waiting to hear back from them! And I have an interview to be a student instructor at a hair school!! I'd really like that job but I'll take what I can get!! So I'm pretty much lazy and a slacker right now!!
#4.New aunt and uncle...I also became a new aunt-again!! Mike's sister had her baby today!! Joel Benjamin Humphries. He was 6lbs. 7 oz. and was 19 inches long. He has quite a bit of dark hair. He's pretty cute!! It brought back a lot of feelings and emotions for me...had I not miscarried the first time I would be having a baby in the next week. I am still trying to find the blessing in that trial!! I'm very happy for her and so glad that he is a healthy baby and they are both doing very well!!
So that's our lives in a nut shell!!!

Vanuatu....here we come!!

So, we are so super duper excited!! Mike and I (after putting it off for a month or longer, and seeing the prices rise more and more as each day passed) finally purchased our plane tickets!!! We will leave for Vanuatu (well, we leave Salt Lake and go to Pheniox, then to LA, then to Fiji, then finally Vanuatu)Nov. 18th and we get back on the 27th!!!!! We got our tickets in the mail and they are going to go safely to the safe deposit box in the bank tomorrow morning!! I have our packing list, our photo copies of important documents, wallet sized cards of Doctors info, and yeah, I think we are pretty set and ready...we are just (not-patiently) waiting for the day to arrive to go!!!I have a count down until we go... only 55 more days!!! I was going to make a chain but decided that I'll wait. We already have Thanksgiving dinner planned and oh we just can not wait!!! We are so too excited!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


So I'm reading the twiight series and I loved the first one, it was hard to get into the second one and I just started the third one. But Melissa found this rub on tattoo that says "Edward" and Mike makes fun of me for being in love with him -he's one of the main characters in the book- so I put it on me and gave Mike a good laugh!!!

I am SO excited!!!

Oh my gosh!! So another part of this weekend...There were some men (Thomas Tokalolo and Amos Vano) from Vanuatu that came to SLC to do some revisions for the temple video. So we got some people together to have a potluck dinner and "story" with them!! It was so great!! It looked like a ni-van meal but with american food!! It was so much fun!! For those who do not know...we are going to Vanuatu November 18-27th!! It will be the perfect thanksgiving there!! Mike talked to Thomas and he is going to make us laplap sorsor-our favorite!!!! And Amos is the choir director of the branch and oh they sing so beautifully!! So he is going to practice some hymns for me to go and listen to and record on Sunday evening!!! I love those people so much and that place!! I am so excited to go and so excited to see the successes of our labor!!! The gospel is so pure and is so true!!!
These are some of the people who came: Brother and Sister Richards, forgot his name, Mike, I, Slade, Christopher Krause, Vikki MacDonald, Thomas Tokalolo, Amos Vano, Liz.

This is Mike, myself, Thomas Tokalolo, and Amos Vano!!!!

What a VERY fun weekend!!!!!

Mom and Jen came down Friday and picked up Melissa and her two cute boys and we went to the Women's expo in Orem!! They had all kinds of vendors and cheap purchases (quickcutz for $1)!!! I won a free lazer treatment package for my uppper lip!! I never win anything but this time I was very lucky!!! After the women's expo we went to the Malt Shoppe for dinner and a shake!! It is always fun to see them!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fat guy singing the 'Numa numa' song

This was one of my favorite songs on the mission (I know...I heard it on the bus)!!:) And this fat guy makes it that much better!!

I love long hair

So....I've always wanted pretty and long hair and since my hair does NOT grow I got extensions!!!! I love them!! They do take a little longer to dry and curl, they take more shampoo and conditioner, they are hard to sleep on, but all in all I love them so much!!! It's nice to be able to throw my hair up in a ponytail, and do more with it!! They are so much fun!!!

What a day at the flower shop

This day was an odd one!! I was asked to do some interesting arrangements!! One is a funeral arrangement with rocky road candy bars in it!! Can you imagine walking into a funeral service and seeing that?!!! I also got to make a lei!! I had a lot of fun with it!! It reminded me of my mission again!! I love arranging flowers!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Colbert Kid

this kid has it down to perfection!!!