Friday, February 27, 2009


I am just so ready to see my little Dallas! I already think he's the cutest thing ever and this might sound crazy but I can already tell a little of what his personality is like!! He's such a fun boy! I only have 99 days!! Double digits-yay!! And I have 13 weeks! I know it's going to go so fast but I am so excited!! I love being pregnant. I have had a great pregnancy so far and I can not complain!! I love feeling him move around and kick! It always puts a smile on my face! Mike has been so helpful and is going to be the BEST daddy!! We love Dallas so much already and are so excited for him to join our family!!! We are so blessed!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No more pictures!

Lately my feet, ankles and legs have been a little swollen at the end of the day. With a little massage from Mike and elevating them it goes away and I start a new day with skinny ankles again. But the other morning I woke up and was putting my makeup on and I realized...I no longer have cheek bones, just cheeks. I can feel that they are bigger when I smile even. I realize this is normal since I am pregnant. But it's hard to face. It is not going away like my ankles either. I am a little disgusted by this and so I am letting you know to not expect any more pictures the have me in it until a) I get over it or b) have our baby and am not chubby anymore. Sorry if this disappoints anyone, I just don't want the image of chubby Kristin in any of your heads.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

24 Weeks

Here he is at 24 weeks!! He's growing fast and is still healthy! He is very active and loves to play when I'm trying to sleep!! I guess he's just preparing me for what's to come!! We are excited for him to come but still need time to prepare!!

Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day! I love the colors and hearts and candy and everything about it!! I worked at the flower shop the day before and on Valentine's Day! I have so much fun getting my hands back into arranging even though it is freezing! It is hilarious to me to see all these men completely stressed out about what to get for their wives! I had a lot of fun but was happy to come home and get warm and see my husband on the day of love!! When I got home the house was clean (even according to my standards) laundry done and groceries bought for dinner!! I got off a little sooner than we thought so Mike and I went shopping for gifts for eachother! I bought Mike some cologne. And he bought me a bra that fits. The girl at VS was so funny cause she kept trying to sell us some lingerie and finally I told her that they don't make my size!! We got a good laugh!! When we got home Mike made me dinner!He found the recipes, went grocery shopping for everything and cooked!! He made tropical chicken, lemon rice (so good), rosemary bread and apple crisp for desert made from fresh apples! It was all SO SO good!!
I love good meals like that but am too lazy to make them! He did such a great job!! I couldn't ask for anything else!!! I love my husband so much!! He is amazing and is always amazes me!

Experimenting gone TOTALLY wrong!!

While I was as the hair show I saw this really attractive guy that had really blonde curly hair and it looked so good!! He looked almost identical to Mike! So I had this GREAT idea!! Lets bleach out Mike's hair!! So we went to it!!

Mike not sure if this is really a great idea like I told him it was! And he was upset that I was taking a picture of him like this!!

This is after 2 times of bleaching it out and toning it....ok, maybe it wasn't a great idea!

He had to go like this for a few days cause I was working. He had fun being a blonde while it lasted!! But he is happy to be back dark-it's still a little golden but give it two weeks!! We both had a good time with it though!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I went to California last week with the school and forgot my camera:( I will hopefully get pictures from some of the girls so I can post them! I had so much fun!! We went to go to a hair show. We went to Disney Land and even though I was limited on the rides I could go on I still had TONS of fun!! I got tons of pictures with characters- Mickey, Minnie, Buzz, Tink and her friend, Goofy, Pluto- and we ate at the Carnation Cafe, who by the way has THE best soups!! I had so much fun just walking around and seeing everything you miss when you are running from ride to ride! I did my share of people watching too!! The hair show was amazing!! I got a LOT of looks!! I don't think they see many girls my age that are pregnant!! It was quite funny!! There were great vendors and so many fun things to watch!! I love the hair industry!!!! I met Kim Vo from Shear Genius, Nick Arrojo from What not to wear and a few others!! I learned so many new and fun things!! I can't wait to try them all out (hint hint-if you are brave!!!!) It was a great trip!! I haven't walked that much in a LONG time though and I was definately ready to come home!! ps. jet blue is an amazing air line!!