Wednesday, November 28, 2007

home sweet home

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that we are home! We had SO much fun!! When we got home we weren't expecting it to be so cold! We walked in and got our mail-that no one checked while we were gone because I took the key with us!! Our house was 52 degrees and we smell awful! Some of you may know that when you go out of the country you come back smelling like them. It didn't help that before we left we sweat like crazy for 8 hours walking around town, then got on the plane where we had 3 lay overs, 18 hours of being in an airplane, and after all our traveling was done it had been 2 days without showering. Yeah it was a terrible smell! So, we got in the shower and for some reason there was no hot water. So, here I am stinky and yucky in bed writing this! I am looking forward to getting the laundry done and taking a nice hot shower and drinking hot cocoa tomorrow!!! I will also try to post some of our pictures from our amazing trip!! Good night for now!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Six things about me.

Well, I've been tagged I don't know how many times so I figured I'd finally do it. It has taken me a long time to think of six things about me though. But here it goes....
1. I have routines. Like when I wake up I do the same exact things in the same exact order and if it gets off then my whole day is bad. And I have a night time routine and an order of how I clean my house. I am a freak and don't try to break my routines or you'll have me to deal with!!!
2. This one is hard to explain...When I am talking or someone is talking to me or I am watching tv I type. I move my fingers to the letters where they appear on a keyboard of what is being said like there is an invisible keyboard. I've done this for years and years and I can not break the habit. It drives me as crazy as it does the people around me!!
3. I would live off sugar if Mike would let me!! (Mike says he's going off sugar starting next year...I guess I'll have to sneak it in the house!!!!) I would rather eat an ice cream sundae over a good home cooked meal anytime!! I love anything sweet and that's pretty much all I eat. Some day I will be 800 lbs.!!! I blame my sugar tooth on my dad though!!
4. I have eaten more variety of animals than I have had pets. Pets I've had: horses, cats, dogs, fish, frog, guineapig, hamster, bird. Animals I've eaten: (the obvious): chicken, cow, pig, turkey, fish -then there's bat, cat, dog, guineapig, shark, octopus, crab/lobster, eel, and anything else people fed me that I wasn't aware of.
5. I love my black 5 year old flip flops. My dad bought them for me when he was in Hawaii and I have worn them ever since. I don't have a shoe feddish like most girls (and Mike-he has more shoes than I do!!). I just wear my flip flops and I love only them.
6. I am addicted to makeover shows-weather it be a makeover on a person, a house, or a room. I love seeing what they do to people's hair and their clothes. I love seeing what colors they pick for the houses and how they decorate!! I could watch them all day long!! I love them!!