Monday, December 14, 2009

The latest

I don't know how you moms keep up with all the day to day tasks AND blog!! I suck at it all! It used to bug me that you couldn't eat off my floors but now I'm ok with it! So once again here are a few pics of hat we've been up to!
Syudying for finals! Dallas is a huge help, as you can tell!! He does love books and to be read to!
We went to see Santa!! (the university mall lets you take your own pics for free!!) Dallas did great and really wanted to get a hand full of Santa's beard!!
Dallas and his Grammy! He sure does love her!! He gets spoiled when we go to their house! Like eating whip cream!
Dallas with his great grandma and grandpa Anderson! They came for Thanksgiving and the whole extended family celebrated Thanksgiving, great grandma's birthday and their 60th wedding anniversary!
He prefers to drink out of our glass now! I think this picture is hilarious! Usually his tongue is in the glass! He loves doing big boy things!!
How can you NOT love this squash covered face?!!!
He loves to play in the water, any water!! I now get dishes done but ut takes me twice as long with my helper!!