Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take me out to the Ballgame!

We went with the whole Draper family (except Ry-we missed him though) to an Orem Owls baseball game!! The sports trainer for the team was one of David's students-so that was fun for him! The game was good with some fun plays!! The Owl's won which makes it even more fun when the home team wins!! There is this guy there that goes to every game too that hoots twice in a row over everything. It would have been really annoying but Mike knew the guy and I guess he's a little crazy!! Glad he has fun at the games!!!
Erin, Mike, and Joel enjoying a bag of potato chips!! Joel didn't really get into the game too much! But he was fun entertainment when the game was slow!
Celeste and Morgan
Staci and Brad
Joel getting the last drop-and the soggy bread he put in there from earlier on!!
Mike and I. It was a fun game!! The trainer even gave Mike a professional wooden baseball bat!! He was one happy little boy!!!:) Thanks mom and dad!!!

Small town life

Living in a small town you do things you normally wouldn't do!! I am introducing Mike to a lot of firsts!!! First the rodeo and then the Spanish Fork Fair and Demolition derby!! Yeehaw! He had a lot of fun though!! Although he might not admit it!!!
This is Mike at the fair. We went and looked at the animals! behind Mike are two HUGE steers!! We went around the back so we could see their faces because they were so huge and they got a little friendly and scared us off!! It was funny to watch Mike though!! It was like he had never seen a cow before!!

Then we went to the demolition derby. For those of you who don't know- I grew up in a very small town in way norther Idaho (moscow) and then in Logan. So these derbies and things are second nature to me!! This was a pretty good derby though!! If you can see- that yellow car is stuck on the cement barrier just sitting right on top of it!! Their were some pretty crazy drivers.
But when it came time for the girls turn- watch out!!! There was this one girl who was just a tiny little thing and she did not hold back!! She backed up and ran right into this car a few times until one time she hit her so hard that it rolled her car onto the top of it and then her car stopped right on top of that one. They brought out the fork lift, the jaws of life, a straight board and all. It really scared me but when they turned the car over the girl came out and was fine. It was cool after we found out she was ok!!
You can see this is the car that was on the bottom. It was completely flattened. We had a good time!! They also had an amazing and way long fireworks show afterwards!! We love fireworks!


So, I just had to post these two pictures! The one is of Mike and Ryan. This is the only way Ryan will come over to our house is to play xbox with Mike!! They are super competitive and are so funny to listen to while they are playing!!!

This one is of Tyler. Melissa was helping me do my cute header and Tyler was just so bored! So we told him to wait on the steps for Uncle Mike to get home!! I don't know who adores who most!! So I put the door stop in and Tyler got out his tools to fix it!! (it wasn't broken!!) but he just loves to be a helper and to fix things!! I love my family!! They are the best!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Melissa came to my house with her boys to hang out for the day!! We had lots of fun!! I love playing with Dylan and Tyler!! Tyler spent the night and so far that has been an adventure! More to come on that!! But I wanted to say thanks to Melissa for showing me how to do my own blog header!! I had fun playing! I think it turned out pretty cute!! It took me over an hour to do it...hopefully I will get faster!!! But thanks Melissa for everything!!