Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Holidays

I finally got out my camera and downloaded some pictures! I realized that I wasn't very good at taking pictures. I was so happy that we had a white Christmas!! And grateful for Mike that he shoveled the driveway like 5 times!! I love the look of snow on the trees and ground, but I'm not a fan of the cold!
This was on Christmas Eve. We got quite a bit of snow!!
We spent Christmas Eve with Drapers. We had traditional Chinese food and opened a gift. We came home around midnight to sleep at our house. This is our Christmas tree this year!
Our stockings!! Mine, baby's and Mike's. I made them a few years ago and laugh at them every time I pull them out!! I'm a pathetic sewer!! Mike even said we should just buy some new ones!! I agree!!
Mike and I decided to open our gifts Christmas Eve so we didn't have to get up early Christmas day. We just did stockings for each other (cause of the ticket!!) But I think stockings are the funnest!! I was surprised that Mike had any presents left because I have such a hard time waiting until Christmas to open them!
Me and my presents. Mike got me this way cute scarf and some really cute jewelry!! He did a great job!!
We went over to Drapers Christmas morning to open presents. Joel loved the little boy on the box of his toy more than the actual toy, until it was set up! He's so funny! We had a great Christmas!! Mike and I making our ginger bread house!! This is one tradition we started that Mike loves!!

The day after Christmas I decided to go up to Logan to see my family. It was supposed to be a blizzard so I was glad it wasn't so I could go up! I love the mountains around us!! I think they are so beautiful!! This is what the freeway looked like all the way up from Spanish to Logan!! They were terrible!! Luckily there were no accidents, it just took me almost 4 hours to get up there!! When I was there we did some shopping and just hung out!! It was so much fun to be with my family. I didn't take one picture while I was up there. But one day Jen and I came back to spanish and we all went to dinner and color me mine, I love that place!! We had a lot of fun! Then New Years Eve Mike, Jen and I went back up to Logan! We all had a hard time staying up till midnight. We were all in bed by 12:30!! We went snowmobiling at my parents house!! Mike loved it and spent so much time out there!! We had a lot of fun during the holidays spending time with our families and eachother!! When it was time to go back to life and work it was definately time!!