Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I want it!!!

So, a real estate agent came and got her hair done by me and asked if I knew of anyone who was looking for a house. We weren't looking for a house but a new place to live eventually, so i asked her to tell me about it. I went and looked at it and fell in love!!! So, here it is!!!

This is the front of even has a porch swing. How cute is that?!!

This is looking at the front door from the inside. I love the colors!!!

This is the cute living room!! It's so spacious!!

And this is a bedroom that is at the front of the house-aka-guest room!! yay!!

This is the kitchen that has been redone!! And it has a cute little bar!! Great for parties!!

This is the dining room!! The door behind the table is a pantry-what's that?! I've never had one of those!! I love it!!! The big door to the left leads us to the next picture...outside!!

These are the steps that are hidden by the porch floor!! The steps lead to the cellar!!

And this is mostly for my dad to see...This is the cellar. This is where you get to all the pipes, water heater, and look at all that built in shelving-storage unit!!!

This is the bathroom!! Isn't that a cute pedistal sink?!! And it has a huge jetted tub!! And the ceiling is a slanted ceiling!! It's cute!!

This is the laundry/mud room!! I don't think it could get any bigger!!! It's so great!!

This is the master bedroom!!! It has a small walk in closet- any closet will be nice!!!!

This is another bedroom. It's just a quaint but cute little room!!!

And last but not least- Michael's favorite!!! The LOFT!!! TADA!!!

And another picture of the loft!! To get up to it, it has a cute ladder to climb up!! It's so much fun!!
Now you can all see why I fell in love with this house!! It's so gorgeous and the walls are like a foot wide!! It is just so darling!! I love it!! And I want it...but I am being smart about it so we are shopping around and seeing what else is out there. But I still love it!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Great Find!!!

I found THE cutest store ever!!! It's called Brambles and Blossoms!! I love it!! I found this cute picture holder there!! I will be going back for another visit soon!!! This is a great find if I do say so myself!!!

Friday Night Craft

Or as I call it FNC!!! You know how sometimes you just need to do your own thing and your husband needs to do his own thing!! Well, this Friday night this was my "own thing"!!! I made this picture frame!! I made it to match our bedroom so it has a little bit more flow!!! It was fun to craft all by myself but it would have been better with a friend or two!! Anyway, it was fun and I think it turned out cute!! Now I just need a picture for it!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Glitter Pumpkins

I am always trying to start new traditions with Mike and I. Those of you who know Mike, knows that he HATES traditions!!!! So far the traditions we've started he has liked!! YAY!! This is another tradition we started today!! Glitter pumpkins!! We both had a lot of fun making them and they turn out so cute!!

Isn't he the cutest!! Notice he has more hair on his toes than on his head!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him so much!!!!

Here's the glitter pumpkins all dried and on display!!! We are almost ready for Halloween!! Now we need to carve a pumpkin!!!

Good job Michael

So, Michael was feeling bad because he never got a say in what went into our little house. We went to Ikea (great store) and he found a comforter he liked!! So...this is what he chose!! I found a few things to go with it and now he has a piece of him in the house!!! If you ask me he did a pretty good job and it's a great color for the fall!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cast your Vote!

So, I am getting a new swimsuit finally!! I know it's not swimsuit season anymore but I want a new one for our trip. So I am going to get it custom made just the way I love it so I won't keep buying dumb ones every year!!!! So, I need to know what you all think....should I do the stripes or the red with white leaves and flowers one?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh I Love Fall!!!

Every year Mike and I go up the canyon when the leaves are changing to take pictures of the beautiful leaves!!! This year we were a little too late!!! It is still very pretty!! I love the changing leaves, the smell, the fall candles, going on walks and listening the the leaves crunch beneath your feet!! I love fall!!

Car Accident

Tyler and I were on our way to Salt Lake to take Tyler home!! He missed his toys and books and bed and family!!! We didn't get even as far as the freeway and some lady hit us!!! Tyler was very shaken up and unhappy that my car was broke!!!

The lady who hit us was turning left and didn't see us coming. She hit us pretty hard on the front side here on my car. That sent us spinning a little and then....

She hit the back side of my car. That sent us soaring up and over the curb and into some bushes.

These were some sharp bushes. They scraped the paint off the other side of my car!! It was very scary!! Melissa ended up coming to Provo to get Tyler and take me home.
The lady who hit me was young and had five children. They were not taken care of and were dirty. I learned something from Tyler that day. When we were filling out paper work for the police Tyler went and played with the other kids. He couldn't see that they didn't match and their hair wasn't done and they were dirty. All he saw was that they were nice kids and they were friends!! I need to be more like that and see past physical appearances.


6:30pm-Tuesday: Melissa called me and asked me to meet her at McKay Dee hospital (which is impossible to find) to come get Tyler because Dylan was in the hospital. So, I went to get Tyler
9:00- I went to get my mom from the airport, but her flight was delayed an hour so that made it 10:00pm. Then we went to Melissa and Nates to get Tylers things.
12:00- We found the hospital again-amazingly.
12:45- We gave kisses to Dylan and said our goodbyes. Then Tyler and I drove home and 2:30- Tyler and I got to my house. Tyler was asleep on the couch for a little bit then woke up and remembered that he was at Michael's house!! So he had to go wake him up and have him come sleep in the living room on the ground with him!!!
3:30- We thought Tyler was FINALLY asleep and the THE cutest thing. Tyler starts talking again and says "now what?"!!!! Mike and I busted up laughing- it was hillarious!!
That morning we got up early, had a picnic with Michael, took a nap (that wasn't long enough), went for a walk, drew pictures and waited for Michael to come home!!!!
Then the fun began all over again...bed time. We stayed up super late and ready 'If you give a mouse a cookie' a million times!!! Finally he fell asleep!!!! The next day we got up early again and then got a call from Melissa saying that they were going home!!! Tyler was so excited to go home!! So we had lunch with Michael and were on our way!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Make life easier

Well, I decided to write a list of things that can make everyone's life easier!!! I wish I had know these before now!!!
#1-Get a safe deposit box at a bank!!! They are only like $25 a year. And make sure you use this box!! You are paying for it!! I recommend putting items such as...birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificate, copies of these and other important documents, and last but not least.....PASSPORTS!!!! Mike and I have been searching for his passport for the past 2 months and finally decided it's long gone!! It is going to cost us $375 to get a new one in time to leave!!! So get a box!!!
#2-Get a filing system!!!! And use it!!! Keep items like warranties- especially the ones you purchase- and extended warranties- for things like cameras!! So if anything happens they can't say you don't have a warranty so you're sol!! If you have a filing system you can whip it out and say IN YOUR FACE!!! Same with all your insurance info/payments/bills/etc.
#3-Don't try to replace chili powder with crushed rep peppers!!! It doesn't work and you won't be able to breath while whatever you are cooking is cooking!! And you will NOT be able to eat it no matter how much you like hot things- it will be unbearable!!! If you do try this... throw it away and start over!!
#4-Don't dig in a dumpster!!! Especially for a reciept- even if it will save you $40! It is NOT worth it at all!!! You will end up having to throw all the clothes and shoes you are wearing away and I'm sure that will be more than $40 so it's not worth it-believe me!!!
#5-If you don't know how to fix it take it to someone who does!!! Especially if it is a motorcycle!! Trust me- you will only make it worse!!!
That is all I have to say for now!! I will share anymore lessons I learn to spare all of you the embarassment and save you some time and money!!! And also make you life easier!!