Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another one in one month!

I guess now that I started I don't feel so overwhelmed to blog! I'll try to keep it up! My boys are out on a bike ride right now. The house is clean, all my projects are done and dinner is in the oven. It's really nice and quiet! To top it all off, I'm well rested too! Mike sent me to the guest room to sleep and he took care of Dallas all night!! I'm embarrassed to say but I slept for 11 hours straight!! When I woke up and saw Dallas it was like he grew overnight! I realized that he doesn't look like a baby anymore. It made me sad and so happy! He is so dang fun and so cute!! Here's a few pics of our week!!
Dallas working in the garden!

I did a bridal boquet for a old student of mine and these were a few left overs. These are the most beautiful stargazers I've ever seen! They are seriously 6 inces across!! And smell so amazing!!
Artwork by Dallas!!
He LOVES to color!! He would color every moment he was awake if I didn't get bored of it!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I decided to update cause I've had a few complaints! So this is for you!! Dallas is now 15.5 months!! I really can not believe he's that old!! He is so much fun and learns so much everyday!! He is starting to talk and understands everything!! He loves to be outside!! As soon as he wakes up he goes downstairs, get his shoes and hands them to me, once they are on he is standing at the door ready to go!! He loves bugs, going out to the garden to pick tomatoes, but he likes the green ones best, riding his bike, and playing with the neighbor kids! He is such a happy kid and so fun to be around!! He loves fruit still! We tried giving him chocolate milk and chocolate but he hates it!! He's not my child!!:) He is such a great helper and always wants to "help" me with whatever I'm doing!! I sure love my little man!!
This is how Dallas currently smiles!! I Love it! I think it's so dang cute!!
A little over a month ago we took a trip to Boise. My grandpa passed away (I wanted to blog about it but I just don't know what to say, It was very difficult for me because we were so close and he was an amazing man but he is much happier and pain free where he is, I miss him). While we were there we went to Big Jud's. We were referred by man vs. food The hamburger was HUGE and was seriously the best burger I've ever had and I normally don't eat hamburger! If you're ever in the area you should check it out!!

Feeding the ducks at the pond on campus. Those ducks have no fear!! Neither does Dallas!! He ran every one of them into the pond and loved it!!

I've been doing some weddings this summer and Dallas was my helper!! He loves to sit on his highchair tray to eat!! He does sign language so here he is asking for more goldfish!! He's such a smarty!!
He loves mud!!! He will get the hose while it's on and take to to the dirt to make mud so he can play in it!! He's a true boy!! I swore I'd never hose down my child, but this day I did!! And he loved it!!

He's my little fruit bat!! He loves berries the most!! Every Saturday morning Mike rides his bike and I run to the farmers market and stock up on fruit, veggies and breads! We all love it!! I think we are all going to starve this winter without our fresh foods!!
Dallas playing "so big"- he sure does crack himself up!!
I just thought this was pretty! We have been having lots of thunderstorms lately and this is a pic of one rolling in!! Dallas loves the thunder! He loves to yell back at it to see who can be the loudest! I'll let you guess on who wins!!
Who needs toys when you've got pots and pans!! He loves playing with them. I usually find pots and pans all throughout the house!!
Not a great pic of me but here is one of us snuggling! When Dallas does slow down he loves to snuggle and give kisses!! He is such a sweetheart!! I can't get enough of his snuggles!
As for Mike and I, not much has changed! We still work at the same jobs, doing the same thing. Our lives revolve around our little Dallas. We couldn't be any happier!