Friday, November 5, 2010


We had a VERY eventful Halloween this year!! Lots of parties and family things going on!! Dallas loved to wear his costume every chance he got, until Halloween day!! He was the cutest dragon there ever was!! He would crouch low while walking and roar!! It's my favorite!! On Saturday we went trick or treating to a few friends houses. He didn't get the whole concept and wanted to eat the candy at every house!! We ended at Grandma and Grandpa Drapers house and hung out there. Dallas loved to help Grandma pass out the candy and see everyone's costumes!
I'm not sure if Dallas loves or hates Ale and vice versa!! This is Dallas roaring at Ale!!
Uncle Ry is so good with Dallas!! Dallas loves playing with him and can say his name so well!!
This is the best picture I got of him holding still in his costume!! He's a VERY busy boy!!
Dallas' first sucker! He thought he was in heaven and so cool too!! He ate it till the paper was coming off then went and threw it in the trash and asked to wash his hands and face!! I love that I'm rubbing off on him!!
These are the treats I made for Mike's work! They were lots of fun to make!!
We got our pumpkins a week early at the Spanish Fork farmer's market!! We got all 3 of them for $6 total!! I love it! We got sick though and never got around to carving them! I just don't know what to do with them now!! Pumpkin is another word in Dallas' vocabulary now!
I just loved this picture so I had to include it!! He is ALL boy!!
Here's our little family!! I just love my boys so so so stinkin' much!! The only way I could get Dallas to hold still was to give him an m&m!! Although it looks like he pouting, he's just enjoying his chocolate!!!:)
The Day of Halloween this sweet little girl was blessed!! She is such a sweetheart and I love her so much!! She was crying before and after her blessing but was a little angel during it!! We are so happy she is here and in our family!! I just LOVE her facial expressions- she has many of them!! Isn't she just so cute!! (this is Staci and Brad's little girl)
And I have to have a pic of this little cutie too!! She is one of the happiest babies there ever was!! She always has a smile for you or an open mouth!! She is in LOVE with Mike!! (she belongs to Celeste and Morgan) and she has the most beautiful eyelashes!!!
Ryan also gave his farewell talk on Halloween!! He did such a great job on his talk! He is going to be an AMAZING missionary!! I'm so proud of him but miss him so much already!! After his talk we had a dinner, and I just have to say my mother in law is amazing!! She wasn't planning on feeding 100+ people but once she found out about everyone coming she didn't complain and just pulled more food out! I want to be like her one day!! This pic is Dallas helping his grandma clean up- but I think he made more of a mess for her!!
The whole Draper family!
I LOVE this guy SO dang much!! He's just so cute!!
This was the night Ryan/Elder Draper got set apart!! It was so neat and he was given such an amazing blessing!! I know I already said this but I miss him so much!!!
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!!


Staci said...

Gosh, I thought my crying over Ryan was done until I saw this post. I love that guy.

Dallas was so cute in his costume and I love that he would growl! He's such a fun little kid, our friends were admiring him at Katelyn's blessing. I'm also copying that picture of Katelyn, it's too cute!

Thanks for everything you do, including sharing some of those treats with us. It always amazes me how much you're able to accomplish with such a busy schedule! You're awesome!

jen & neil eskelsen said...

Dallas is so stinkin cute! I love him!

Melissa said...

That little dragon is adorable!!!! I'm glad I got to see him at Ikea! Oh, and those fingers....mine didn't work! You need to teach me how to do it next year!

Becky, Ryan, Oliver, and Amelie said...

Kristen, I can't believe how old Dallas is! It's been a long time since I checked your blog and I was like, who is this big kid. He is so darling, looks a lot like you and Mike both. Hope you guys are doing well and getting through the cold:)

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Very funny family :)

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